I offer services within art, teaching and residencies. To inspire you to what you can get within a certain budget, please see the price examples below.*


0               =        If you have a good idea but no economic means, let's form a strong collaboration and apply for funding together.  

500           =        Book a drawing workshop in a group for you and your companion (value 400 Dkr.) 

1000          =        Take your 4 best friends along for a creative afternoon at the drawing worksop (5 x 200 Drk. = 1000 Dkr.).

1200          =        This is my hourly wage. Book me as a facilitator, teacher or consultant on any topic related to art and/or learning. (+VAT).

*Please note, for group workshops the price is higher.

3000         =        Book a 45 minutes talk about art as a means for learning and development (+VAT)

5000        =        Book a custom made workshop for your organization, app. 2 hours (*up to 20 participants, hereafter 150 Dkr. for every extra                                                                            participant) (+VAT)

                          Book a 90 minutes talk + dialogue about aesthetic learning processes as a means of learning and development. (+VAT)

>10.000   =         Book a one day art session for your organization or private group. (All prices are +VAT)

                          Book a one day consultancy with hands on exercises about the planning of an educational program in your organization.

                          Book a package of 10 returning consultancy sessions. An example of previous such processes is the planning of a new creative educational program for an                            NGO, but this can also be e-learning or simply learning related, based on my experience as an e-learning consultant at UCPH SCIENCE.

                          Let me create captivating art installations and projects at any scale in any place, based on our common ideas.