This commission of 18 sculpture miniatures is made of plastic waste found in Copenhagen in 2018. The sculptures have already left the nest as new years presents for a customers client’s - a wishful gift of thoughtfulness in 2019.

Individual art course

A 3 day individual art course proved how artistic methods could open the gate to a deep well of personal development and power. Not least my student who wanted to stay anonymous created the most amazing artworks.

The harbor as canvas (podcast) Kulturhavn365

The harbor as canvas (podcast) Kulturhavn365

From Trash To Treasures

Materials from six months of trash collection all found in the streets, so far used in six different shapes. The “Re-artwork” continues as well the trash collection continually grows and transforms into treasures. Follow on Instagram #maj_d_art

Fire Globe

The sculpture "Fire Globe" was a joint commission from the NGO's Plastic Change and The Eco Council. In their common project Beat The Microbead they have worked for a new EU legislation for a complete stop of the use of micro plastics in cosmetics and body products. See their video here.

Workshop on sustainability at E.ON

In collaboration with the innovation agency Democrative, I conducted a creatuve workshop at the energy company E.ON. The Employees went outside to collect waste from the public space which they brought back as building bricks for a mascot figure for the future sustainable energy company.

The childrens' opinion

Rasmus and Sylvester are cousins and participated in the baby whale workshop in September together with their families. They have a full understanding of the problem with all the plastic waste in the oceans.

The Plastic Whale

The plastic whale is created out of recycling plastics and exhibited at Amager strand and in front of the Danish Aquarium.

"Shells" Fashion Revolution

Shells was a commission from the Danish branch of the global NGO Fashion Revolution. The work was a part of a group exhibition that, along with a series of other initiatives e.g. the FashionRevolutionWeek, the FashRevHall 1-day festival and the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign, created attention on the injustice happening every day in the world’s second most pollutant industry, fashion.

Art workshop for kids

Working with kids is pure joy, so I was blessed to be invited to do an art workshop on ‘dreams’ at Sønderborg Library. Read about my workshops here.

The Little Mermaid & The Tide is an audio play in Danish and English which takes place by boat and as a walk at the Copenhagen harbor. Experience a new interpretation of the famous Anderson fairytale. More info and ticket link here.

The Little Mermaid & The Tide (ENG)

We are now ready with the English version of the audioplay The Little Mermaid & The Tide. Watch the English trailer.

Præmieren - Den Lille Havfrue & Tidevandet

Hear reviews and snapshots from the premiere of the first audioplay by historicfictions: The Little Mermaid & The Tide.